Upcoming Destiny 2 season features weekly challenges and more recoil

For players of Bungie’s Destiny 2, there are just certain elements of the game that you are used to. That said, it’s not always good for developers to stick with a proven formula. As such, the folks at Bungie are always looking for ways to improve the experience for players. In a new bid to combat bounty fatigue, Bungie will replace weekly bounties with weekly challenges for Destiny 2 in the new season.

The news comes via the latest This Week At Bungie blog post. Senior community manager Dylan Gafner shared that the slog of weekly bounties will be no more. Instead, weekly challenges will arrive in Destiny 2. Consider the adjustment to be Destiny 2‘s version of season pass weekly challenges.

Every week of the new season will include three to 10 new challenges for players to overcome. The content will last for about the first 10 weeks of the new season.

Daily bounties will still be a thing, but the new Destiny 2 weekly challenges will hopefully give players more freedom in how they want to enjoy the game. In addition, it will give players more opportunities to earn Bright Dust. A completed bonus will grant you 4,000 units of the in-game currency. Completing the different objectives will net you 10,000 Bright Dust for your troubles.

Upcoming Destiny 2 Season Features Weekly Challenges And More Recoil (1)

Upcoming Destiny 2 Season Features Weekly Challenges And More Recoil (1)

Shaking things up

The new weekly challenges in Destiny 2 are not going to be the only change. As the game moves into cross-play territory, keeping things fair will be on the minds of those at Bungie. The development update mentions increased recoil for certain weapons that will strictly apply to mouse and keyboard players. If you have been enjoying the accuracy and control of weapons on PC, just know that things will change in the coming future. Whether that is a change that is embraced by the community at large remains to be seen though.

That wraps up the latest changes, though Bungie always has more ideas in the oven. Weekly challenges in lieu of bounties in Destiny 2 are but a small part of what could be a drastically different future for the game.

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