Trove presents Deep Dragon mounts to console players in update that is latest

Trove introduces Deep Dragon mounts to console players in latest update

If you’re the sort of Trove console player who likes to chase hard-to-find materials to put together an extremely shiny mount, then you’re going to have an absolute blast with the game’s latest update, which has introduced three Deep Dragon mounts to go after. And honestly, who doesn’t want to ride around on a dragon that is blocky

Specifically, the revision has added three among these Deep Dragon mounts: Amatrix, whose fragments can be obtained from animals in Amperia and Neon Underground delves; Vaentera, whose fragments are available in the upper body in Volcanic biomes; and A.T.M.O.S. –D-R4C’, a legendary dragon mount whose fragments can be obtained from finishing dungeons in Cursed Skylands.

In addition to these epic that is new, Trove system has added traveling carpeting category to your Mount Taming Bench, included Delve Gateways for particular bosses to your Delve Workbench, and included five extra mounts to your bosses of Delves. There are some other updates designed to the system variation too, most of that are outlined within the spot records.

source: press release

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