Trailer Tuesday – Bittersweet Calico Reverie

Trailer Tuesday offers up strategic marble dropping, tense relationships in a castle, and surreal visions of North African folktales.

Critters for Sale

“Experience death from the comfort of your seat.”

Critters for Sale is currently in development, but in the meantime, you can try out its first episode or add it to your Wishlist on Steam.


Syzygy is an enigmatic game focused on the ability of morphing at will a square world into triangles and hexagons”

Syzygy is available now on Steam.


“Explore the vast digital landscape of another world’s internet. Battle glitches and other pilots to become even stronger. Choose your partner wisely as you become part of the story.”

Hero.EXE is currently in development, but in the meantime, you can grab its Alpha demo from


“Wait for the right moment and make the ball fall through the intricate columns.”

Kolumno is available now on the Nintendo Switch.

Bittersweet Birthday

“You wake up, dazed… with no memories. While asking yourself where and how you got there, a strange voice breaks through the silence: “Hey there, bud”. Under the threat of unstable individuals hunting you down, the only chance of escape is to listen to the voice…”

Bittersweet Birthday is currently in development, but in the meantime, you can grab its demo from


Calico is a day-in-the-life community sim game where you are given an important and adorable task: rebuild the town’s cat café and fill it with cute and cuddly creatures! Build up your café by filling it with cute furniture, fun decorations, yummy pastries, and get it bustling with animals again!”

Calico is available now on the Nintendo Switch and Steam.

Nine Witches: Family Disruption

“When an occult German WW2 division releases an ancient curse upon the world, a supernatural problem is going to require a supernatural solution. Take control of two playable heroes as they embark on a comedic, alternate-history adventure with a truly original story (99.9999% guaranteed).”

Nine Witches: Family Disruption is available now on the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation Store, Microsoft Store, GOG, and Steam.

Kitsune Tails

“Run, jump, and dash across a land inspired by Japanese mythology and explore the complicated relationships between kitsune and humans in this follow up to Super Bernie World.”

Kitsune Tails is currently in development, but in the meantime, you can add it to your Steam Wishlist.

Wintersdawn in the Deep

“Before he can return home, Quinlan must successfully complete his very first solo patrol, uncover the fate of a lost merchant, and survive the dangers hiding within the Western Deep.”

Wintersdawn in the Deep is available now (for whatever you wish to pay for it) on

Lotus Reverie: First Nexus

[embedded content]

“Your actions and decisions will allow you to recover your memories as you progress, unlocking new battle styles and spells, as well as uncovering the lore and mysteries surrounding the Incident. But be careful, as time passes, the tension at the castle will rise, and it is game over if it gets too high.”

Lotus Reverie: First Nexus is available now on Steam.

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