Thursday Gadget Roundup

This very first week of Feb 2021 we recieved plenty of devices plus some more displays from Banggood including an favourite that is old the ILI9341 – good, cheap LCD display – which I’ve always supported in ESP-GO – but now I want to run on an ESP8266 (again) this time using Tasmota. Here’s the ILI9341 display first: 2.4 Inch 240*320 Color HD LCD TFT Screen SPI Serial Display Module ILI9341

The setup for the display wasn’t QUITE as indicated on the Tasmota site I managed to get it running – here’s the template for Tasmota-display standard build – no need to compile a special– it seems that displays are not yet a high priority there, but with help. Perhaps not that the display won’t have a CS pin but it has become defined for the display to be recognised. We hooked RESET to RST and also the backlight to pin marked BLK regarding the display. It appears that Tasmota display help is a bit ancient as yet.

Note the ILI9341 CS and DC settings – the SPI versions don’t work – see above and this works. Additionally, CS just isn’t utilized on these panels but has to be defined in Tasmota or the display won’t be recognised by it. In the end, easier done than written about so here we go – 4 lines and some text that is coloured. The program additionally does bins and groups.

With success and also the ILI9341 we turned towards the SSD1351. The board has a web link set for 4-wire SPI, the link was changed by me over to 3-wire SPI. Sadly no matter what combinations I tried – with help from a couple of guys on the Tasmota displays DISCORD channel, we still got no-where. I found this document – which seemed to clear up what to do with the SPI DC wire, reset and CS – but.. nothing but black from the display.

In the meantime I tried a very SSD1351 that are old2013) ILSoft Ltd) display board. Here you will find the settings we utilized after changing the web link (cutting) on THAT board setting to SPI mode that is 3-wire DC grounded, CS wired to Tasmota SSD1351 CS (see Tasmota config page) and RST to ESP8266 RESET. This board has SCK and SDI which go to the Tasmota SPI CLK and SPI MOSI :

displaymodel 9
power 1
displayrotate 0
displaysize 1
displaymode 0
displaytext [z][x0y0h128x0y127h128x0y0v128x127y0v128][x5y3C31s1f1]Working[x5y23C30735]Color is purple( text that is*)Green*)red text[x5y63C63488]Orange text[x5y83C64800]No other settings in Tasmota-displays.bin.gz had been utilized to attain the above. See this site for the colour that is full (indexed did not work – I used the full codes).

Still working on the as yet blank new board that is SSD1351

Finally these resulted in from AliExpress… handy to make use of in the event that you neeed additional energy pins for a USB task.

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