The PlayStation 5 had sold 4.5 million units by the end of 2020

The PlayStation 5 had sold-through 4.5 million units as of December 31, 2020. The figures add some context to Sony’s previous claim that the console delivered its “biggest console launch ever.”

The company shared the milestone alongside its latest financial report, and revealed the next-gen console is on track to meet its sales goal of over 7.6 million units for the fiscal year.

It also admitted it has been unable to “fully meet the high level of demand from customers,” but said it’s working hard to keep shipping units out.

In terms of how the launch impacted engagement, Sony said PlayStation users spent 30 percent more time in-game this December than in the previous year, and noted that PS5 software “sold well.”

The company acknowledged that “stay-at-home demand” caused by the COVID-19 pandemic also played a part in that engagement upswing, and said it intends to capitalize on that growth by further enhancing the appeal of its network service offerings including PlayStation Plus.

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