The best Hearthstone decks for beginners

Good morning, good afternoon, good evening, and welcome to the best Hearthstone decks for beginners. Trying out any new game for the first time can be confusing, especially when it asks you to make a deck from cards you don’t own yet. Give yourself a little time and practise, and you’ll be deckbuilding with the best of them.

Though it definitely helps to have a robust collection of cards, it’s not essential to own every legendary card in the game. Your opponent may have an expensive deck, but that doesn’t mean they are guaranteed to win. As long as you understand what cards your opponents could have and try to play around them as best you can, you should have no problem climbing the ranked ladder.

We’re going to show you some of the cheapest, easiest, and best beginner decks to master in Hearthstone. They’ll come from a range of classes and hopefully do the job you want them to do. Win. If you’re lucky, there will be a couple of tips on what to watch out for in other player’s decks too.

Best Hearthstone decks for beginners

The best Hearthstone decks for beginners are:

  • Libram Pure Paladin
  • Gibberling Token Druid
  • Hand Zoo Warlock
  • Combo Whirlkick Rogue

Libram Pure Paladin

Deck Code: AAECAZ8FBJuuA/y4A8PRA4jeAw3cA5yuA422A8q4A/24A+q5A+u5A+y5A8rBA57NA7/RA8rRA/3jAwA=
Dust Total: 7480

Libram Pure Paladin may be the most expensive deck on this list, but there aren’t many decks in the game that are as beginner friendly as this one. This deck can hold its own in the early game thanks to cards like First Day of School, Aldor Attendant, and Murgur Murgurgle. If your opponent refuses to trade with your minions, you always have Consecration and Libram of Justice to fall back on.

This deck doesn’t fall prey to aggro decks because there are a number of healing cards to bolster your life total in the late game. Libram of Hope and Libram of Judgment will keep you healthy throughout the game, and these cards only get cheaper as time goes on due to Aldor Truthseeker which permanently reduces the cost of all Librams by two mana. Not to mention High Exarch Yrel which instantly impacts the board with its powerful battlecry.

We highly recommend Libram Pure Paladin to anyone who wants the perfect all rounder deck. As a mid-range deck, you won’t have any particularly bad match-ups to worry about as Libram Pure Paladin covers all bases. Some of the trickier control decks might give you a hard time, but this deck has the ability to end games quickly when played aggressively.

Gibberling Token Druid

Deck Code: AAECAZICAA/+AfcD5gXKnAOvogP/rQP5tQPlugPvugP5zAObzgO50gPw1AOJ4AOM5AMA
Dust Total: 2240

As the name suggests, Gibberling Token Druid utilises the innocent looking one-drop to create a wide board within the first few turns. Not every match will play out in the same way, but generally you want to create as many Gibberlings as you can within the first few turns. Using spells like Innervate, Lightning Bloom, and Adorable Infestation, you can easily flood the board with cheap minions before your opponent can react to them with their own minions.

A lot of the early game spells that are capable of handling a board filled with minions typically deal between one to three damage per minion. Your opponent would have to hope they draw their removal cards before Gibberling Token Druid hits turn four. It’s not unheard of to have a board filled with minions by turn two. If your opponent cannot respond to your board with a taunt or any type of removal, playing Savage Roar on turn three can deal up to 23 damage.

If you don’t draw the perfect hand by turn one, there’s no need to worry as you can quickly cycle through this deck. Fungal Fortunes is almost guaranteed to draw you three cards every time as the only minions in the deck are Gibberlings. There’s also the potential to create mid-game threats with cards like Glowfly Swarm and Arbor Up which create multiple strong treants.

Gibberling Token Druid destroys slow control decks that aren’t ready to handle a powerful board so early on. If you hate seeing your opponents cheat out high value cards by turn six, this might be the deck for you.

Hand Zoo Warlock

Deck Code: AAECAf0GAv2kA9a5Aw4wzgfCCLW5A7a5A8u5A5XNA5vNA9fOA8HRA8zSA5PeA9DhA8rjAwA=
Dust Total: 4220

You can’t keep a classic deck down, and it seems Zoo Warlock will never leave without a fight. This variation of Zoo Warlock aims to keep your hand filled with options, allowing you to flood the board with dangerous minions. In the past, the price for this much power so early on was the exchange of health. Fortunately, the recently introduced Man’ari Mosher can provide you with a large chunk of health via a lifesteal attack when things start to look dicey.

The general idea is to play your cheap minions like Flame Imp, Tour Guide, and Voidwalker to get ahead on board as fast as possible. These minions can be sticky when paired alongside Wicked Whispers and Wriggling Horror to buff them further. If you can hold Hand of Gul’dan and Expired Merchant or Nightshade Matron, you can instantly draw three cards with the potential for even more once Expired Merchant dies.

If your opponent can survive the early game, they’ll have to contend with the mid-game bombs like Flesh Giant which can be played for next to no mana. It’s very difficult to fight off waves of minions from Hand Zoo Warlock as the minions constantly receive buffs if they can stay on the board. Unsurprisingly, this deck feasts on players who struggle to draw into any solid early game removal cards.

Combo Whirlkick Rogue

Deck Code: AAECAaIHArIC2dEDDrQB7QKXBogHhgmPlwP7ogP1pwOqywPHzgOk0QPf3QPn3QPz3QMA
Dust Total: 6760

Combo Whirlkick Rogue is the most difficult deck to pilot out of the bunch, but it should teach you a lot about Hearthstone when you get to grips with it. The game plan with this deck varies depending on what class you’re up against. Generally, you want to play low cost cards to power up your Questing Adventurer and Edwin VanCleef to dominate the board.

This plan doesn’t always work against certain classes like Warlock, Warrior, and Priest who can easily remove single targets. A large portion of the cards in Combo Whirlkick Rogue aren’t actually in the deck, they are created using minions like Pharaoh Cat, Wand Thief, and Whirlkick Master. Whirlkick Master was ignored when it was first introduced in Saviors of Uldum, but has become a must-have as the latest expansions include more support for combo decks.

The combination of Foxy Fraud and Swindle is so strong that it will almost certainly become a staple of all future Rogue decks. Combo Whirlkick Rogue can build a strong board while handling threats with cards like Brain Freeze and Prize Plunderer. Deciding whether or not to go all in with a Questing Adventurer or massive Edwin VanCleef takes a lot of skill, and you really need to understand which cards can badly punish you for doing so.

Overall, this deck has a high learning curve but can be absolutely devastating when played correctly. If you want to pick a deck with a high skill ceiling, this is definitely worth trying as the archetype is likely to be around in Hearthstone for at least another year.


Hearthstone may be free-to-play, but it is still a card game – a genre known for being expensive to get into. The primary way to acquire new cards is to simply play the game. Levelling any of the classes gives you cards from their classic set which is a positive. And winning three games in Play mode gives you ten gold which can be spent on card packs.

Whether that’s in Arena, Battlegrounds, or Ranked play, these modes will reward you with experience for the rewards track and gold. There are also weekly Tavern Brawls which rewards players with one classic pack.

Over the past few years, Blizzard has altered a number of systems to take some of the randomness out of acquiring Hearthstone cards. A big change to the game introduced duplicate protection, ensuring that players couldn’t receive more than two copies of the same card.

Prior to this feature, players could unpack several copies of rare, epic, and legendary cards, stopping them from unlocking cards they didn’t own. Hearthstone has a disenchant feature that allows you to trade in duplicate cards for arcane dust – this dust can be used to craft new cards.

If you haven’t played Hearthstone in a while, you might be confused by the new rewards track. In addition to the quest system, the rewards track grants players access to legendary cards, card packs, and even hero skins. You can pay money to unlock the premium track which grants many more rewards, though this only lasts for the duration of the current expansion.

Pay attention to the quests you get every day. If you don’t think you can complete the quest you can press a little redo button and it should give you a new option to try out instead. This also applies to weekly quests which tend to be much more difficult, but they are meant to be completed throughout the week.

Blizzard knows that it can get exhausting to try to earn the cards without spending some money, and over time it has made it a little easier to obtain the cards you want, and they’ll occasionally give you a card or two for free in between expansions. Keep an eye out for any promotions over the course of an expansion. Typically at the beginning and end, Blizzard will give out free legendary cards and packs to existing players.

These are the best Hearthstone beginner decks when starting out in the game. Eventually, you’ll be destroying enemies in no time, don’t worry! If you find Hearthstone isn’t your thing though, here are some of the other best card games on PC, or maybe you can learn how to play Hearthstone Battlegrounds instead.

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