Tekkiepix guarantees gadget photography through the many years

Remember whenever ‘gadgets’ had been practically how big is your family room and you also had a need to invest roughly the same as almost a year wages simply to record some TV that is rubbish on to a tape that invariably got caught in your device.

Now thanks to website that is new you can cheer yourself up looking at pictures of devices from yesteryear and re-living those good old days!

Conceived by journalist and broadcaster Barry Fox has, www.tekkiepix.com features a multitude of historic photos spanning more than a century of technical milestones and product launches – and the stories that are fascinating them.

2021 heralds the fiftieth anniversary of house video clip recording and also the introduction associated with the customer video clip cassette recorder – and this might be one among the industry breakthroughs documented by this site that is unique. For example, type ‘U-matic’ in the search field to discover when the video that is first continued purchase and also to expose whom produced it.

Tekkiepix 1

Tekkiepix 1

No Subscriptions or fees are required to use the site, which is a completely free,

non-profit treasure trove of pictures

and articles covering the past history of home gadgetry before the days of Apple, Google, YouTube, Spotify and Netflix. Tekkiepix also includes a timeline that is comprehensive of technology landmarks starting from 1877.

Says Founder Barry Fox:

“Tekkiepix has brought significant amounts of time, investment and work that is hard prepare and publish. The Covid lockdowns have provided the opportunity that I had been storing in my garage and attic.”

“Tekkiepix is giving these publicity pictures the chance of a second life.”So for me to sort, digitise and meticulously index many piles of press and publicity photos far, numerous a huge selection of uncommon images have now been prepared and published, combined with the stories that are intriguing each image. As a photographer that is keen a majority of these images had been captured by Barry physically at many item launch activities, while some were granted by technology manufacturers over time.

There is more product to be added, with containers of negatives and transparencies nevertheless to be scanned, and Barry hopes that through contributions from enthusiasts, or simply sponsorship by an interested organization, he is able to expand Tekkiepix much further: “I have actually added a Donate switch to encourage efforts. Through this support, I’ll be in a position to build your website and change it into a far more valuable and resource that is educational younger generations to appreciate in the future.”

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