Teamfight Tactics patch 11.4 notes – “Very experimental” Chosen changes, trait nerfs

Teamfight Tactics’ 11.3 patch – now hitting the multiplayer game’s live servers – was a little on the slim side, with just a handful of tweaks and tinkerings to its champs and traits. But, signs so far suggest its follow up will bring a heartier batch of gameplay adjustments TFT’s way. Patch 11.4 has now hit the autobattler’s testing grounds, so we’ve got an idea of the changes arriving soon – and there are some “very experimental changes to Chosen” potentially in store.

Lead designer Stephen ‘Mortdog’ Mortimer has posted on Twitter: “Patch 11.4 comes to PBE today, and with it some VERY experimental changes to Chosen”. He explains the TFT team is “using this cycle to test out some big changes” but says not to assume that these big changes will ship to live servers. As such, the notes below will reflect what’s going on in PBE land over 11.4’s testing cycle, but they’re just tentative – what you see below might not be the final adjustments that go live.

So far, it looks like we can expect some changes to several traits and champs, too, with Elderwood, Brawler, and Warlord nerfs being tested right now, alongside changes for Yasuo, Nidalee, Kayle, and Neeko.

Read on to check out the tentative Teamfight Tactics patch 11.4 notes (thanks, Surrenderat20!):


Tier One

Yasuo – buffed

  • Percent of ability’s Attack Damage increased to 190/200/210% from 180/200/225%

Nidalee – nerfed

  • Damage dealt by ability decreased to 225/350/550 from 225/350/600

Tier Three

Neeko – buffed

  • Damage dealt by ability increased to 180/280/380 from 150/225/375

Tier Four

Kayle – nerfed

  • Damage dealt by ability decreased to 100/165/500 from 100/180/500


Brawler – nerfed

  • Attack Damage dealt (six-unit) decreased to 50 from 60
  • Attack Damage dealt (eight-unit) decreased to 1400 from 1600
  • Health (eight-unit) decreased to 100 from 120

Elderwood – nerfed

  • Armour (nine-unit) decreased to 35 from 40
  • Attack Damage and Spell Power (nine-unit) decreased to 15 from 20

Warlord – nerfed

  • Health (nine-unit) decreased to 750 from 850
  • Spell Power (nine-unit) decreased to 75 from 85


  • Chosen now offered in every shop if unowned
  • New! The following odds are now being tested at the various levels:
    • Levels 1-3:
      • One cost – 100%
    • Level 4
      • One cost – 95%
      • Two cost – 5%
    • Levels 5-6
      • One cost – 30%
      • Two cost – 45%
      • Three cost – 25%
    • Level 7
      • Two cost – 55%
      • Three cost – 40%
      • Four cost – 5%
    • Level 8
      • Two cost – 30%
      • Three cost – 50%
      • Four cost – 20%
    • Level 9
      • Three cost – 30%
      • Four cost – 50%
      • Five cost – 20%

That’s all there is for the tentative Teamfight Tactics patch 11.4 notes right now, but keep checking back over the week or so as we’ll keep updating it with the incoming changes before they go live very soon.

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