Switchcraft: The Magical Match 3 & Mystery Story – Review

Enter a realm of magic and mystery as you unravel your way through the world’s top witchcraft academy, Pendle Hill, tucked away in the little town of Ipswich, Massachusetts.
The entire campus has been rocked by a famous student’s disappearance. Now it’s up to you to unravel the mystery of the missing young witch by using your magical Match-3 skills.
Wooga has delivered one of the finest match 3 game, released on 7th September 2020.

Switchcraft: The Magical Match 3 & Mystery Story - Review

It can be difficult to find your way through life. But true friendship is the light that can guide us. Since childhood, Lydia and Bailey have been best friends.
Then something magical happened at eighteen…
Lydia and Bailey have learned that they are witches studying in the Pendle Hill secret witchcraft academy.
But one night at an academy ceremony… Lydia was pulled through the woods by a strange light. Something went terribly wrong. Bailey’s gotta save her!

Switchcraft: The Magical Match 3 & Mystery Story - Review

The fundamental of the game is to solve match 3 puzzles while still pursuing the path of a story that involves more uncertainties than you would expect.
On the other hand, in Switchcraft, you can take part in the decisions of the young witches.
You’ll be able to pick who you like, who you don’t trust, and who you like to modify the future of both girls.

Switchcraft: The Magical Match 3 & Mystery Story - Review

Switchcraft’s graphics are stunning and all the characters and scenes have drawn aesthetics in 2D.
Thanks to the numerous obstacles you will face, the mechanics are also very fun.

We’re very much in love with the delightful idea of a fun and relaxing game.
The graphics and fantasy story with great in-game characters are kind of cute.
The amount of Magicka you get still stays at 1 after solving a puzzle, while the amount you need to progress increases.
The chapters are way too short for the amount of time it takes to get a gem. The chapters need to be longer, hope Wooga will add long and fascinating chapters in further updates.

Switchcraft: The Magical Match 3 & Mystery Story - Review

A dark and magical mystery is stirring that’s going to shake the world of witches to its very core.
You will encounter witches with lovable quirks in this adventure set in a 21st-century wizarding world, who will become your best friends… and others who might betray you!
How your story unfolds is up to you.

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