Story-driven tactical RPG ‘The Way of Wrath’ up on Kickstarter

Ready for your next story-based RPG? The Way of Wrath plans to fully support Linux and it’s currently seeking funding on Kickstarter and it does look quite good.

With an open world setting, a full story and a hand-crafted world The Way of Wrath sounds rather promising. Blending together “tactical party-based combat, detailed branching dialogue and a rich, dynamic story (Baldur’s Gate, Divinity: OS) with the interactivity and immersion of 3D open-world games (Gothic, Zelda, Skyrim)”.

Check out the trailer:

Planned Features:

  • Classless RPG system. Customize your character’s appearance, origin, skills, and reputation.
  • Full RPG story experience. Solve complex quests, gather loyal companions, and befriend, antagonize, or romance interesting, characters.
  • Handcrafted open world. Explore a beautiful snowy landscape and survive its environmental hazards. Hunt, fish & perform mystical shaman rituals.
  • Choice & consequence. Experience the aftermath of every action and shape your story.
  • Fort management. Build traps and siege equipment. Craft weapons, armor, and tools of war.
  • Turn-based combat. Fight in tactical battles against foes with unique AI tactics, gear, and skills.
  • Days are story turns. Each in-game day the map updates with new encounters, quests, and character storylines move forward based on previous day decisions.

Linux is clearly stated as a release platform with consoles being stretch goals:

Current platforms: PC Windows, Mac, Linux (Steam, GOG)

Stretch Goal Platforms: Nintendo Switch, Playstation, X-Box

Fund it on Kickstarter here and follow it on Steam.

They have until March 7, 2021 to hit their €23,000 goal.

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