Riot details upcoming measures to deal with cheating in Valorant

If you have ever dabbled in competitive play online, chances are you’ve met some cheaters. Not only do they ruin the experience for legitimate players, but they can even sour an entire game. In the case of online shooters such as Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six Siege and Riot Games’ Valorant, the developers are definitely not keen to let cheating fly. In its latest development blog post, Riot detailed the extent it has gone to in order to combat cheating in Valorant.

Even before the game was released, Riot made it clear that catching cheaters was one of its top priorities. That line of thinking has not changed. For Valorant‘s online First Strike tournament, Riot pulled out all the stops. This meant every participating player account was reviewed. The coordination between different regions and the logistics were massive. However, it was important to prevent any cheating in Valorant. This allowed the Anti-Cheat team plenty of learning experience which resulted in new rules and regulations.

For day-to-day matchmaking, that was another matter altogether. Senior Anti-Cheat analyst Matt ‘K30’ Paoletti shared even more about how Riot is doing its part. While the competitive ladder is not kept within a controlled environment, it does not mean cheating is easy. In fact, Riot continues to make cheating in Valorant more difficult and expensive.

This has resulted in the percentage of games with cheaters lessening to a fraction of a percent. That is some good work.

Riot Details Upcoming Measures To Deal With Cheating In Valorant (2)

Riot Details Upcoming Measures To Deal With Cheating In Valorant (2)

An all-out assault

Riot is also going to make sure those who benefit from teaming up with cheaters do not get their ill-gotten rewards. In the future, teaming up with cheaters or ‘bussing’ will invoke a 90-day penalty. The team is also looking into rank recalibration for those affected by cheaters.

Valorant is also tweaking its meta-game system, with the Ranked system coming into focus. Progress to Radiant rank will take a longer time, while a cap will be in place for the highest rank achieved in placements. The measures are designed to ensure the prestige and value of reaching the highest ranks remain. It will also help maintain the integrity of high ranking games.

Moving forward, Riot hopes to continue the fight on cheating in Valorant. Together with the community, the team wants to ensure that everyone enjoys the game without falling prey to the cheaters that lurk in the dark.

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