Red Dead Online’s Legendary Animals

Mastering the hunt can be a tough challenge in Red Dead Online. Even for seasoned hunters, locating Red Dead Online’s legendary animals can be an ultimate test. Thankfully, we’re here to give you all the information you need before you head out into the wide unknown in search of your prey. Will you be a hunter or researcher? That’s between you and the animals.

Finding Red Dead Online’s Legendary Animals

The first thing you’ll need to even begin thinking about taking down a legendary animal or researching them is to reach level 5 in the Naturalist role. You’ll get there by taking on tasks for Gus or Harriet, photographing animals, sedating animals, and killing and skinning animals.

Eventually, when you do get there, you’ll be given a legendary animal map. This’ll give you some vague idea where a few legendary animals are – but it’s not exhaustive.

There are a few ways the game will give you more information on legendary animals, however. Here’s how you can locate them:

Harriet Missions

Harriet usually has a few missions available that respawn after a little wait. She’ll offer you legendary animal missions which will see you track down one of these mighty creatures, usually fending off attacks whilst you do so. Just remember; Harriet doesn’t like it if you kill animals, so make sure to play nice while working with her.

Free-Roam Events

There are two events you can take part in which will help you find more of Red Dead Online’s legendary animals. Protect Legendary Animal will see you and some other players rescue an animal before fighting poachers intent on killing it, all whilst escorting the animal to safety.

Wild animal tagging takes you and some other players on a journey to tag and sedate creatures out in the wild, sometimes when doing this a legendary animal will spawn.


The other option is to simply search out legendary animals on Red Dead Online’s map. Legendary animals spawn in certain locations around the map, though they can spawn in several different places within a general location. If you’re near a legendary animal when it spawns you’ll receive a notification in the top-left of your screen and there’ll be a new icon on your minimap. If you want to really zero in on the legendary animal location, pheromones sold by Harriet can narrow it down for you.

Red Dead Online’s Legendary Animals Locations

Listed below we’ve compiled every legendary animal currently in Red Dead Online, along with its general location. This should help you find your next encounter on Red Dead Online’s map, or at the very least narrow down where you should be hunting.

  • Banded Gator – Saint Denis
  • Chalk Horn Ram – Scarlett Meadows
  • Cogi Boar – Bluewater Marsh
  • Cross Fox – Bayou Nwa
  • Emerald Wolf – O’Creagh’s Run
  • Gabbro Horn Ram – Rio Bravo
  • Icahi Boar – New Austin
  • Inahme Elk – Spider Gorge
  • Iguga Cougar – Great Plains
  • Iwakta Panther – Braithwaite Manor
  • Katata Elk – Cumberland Forest
  • Marble Fox – Ambarino
  • Maza Cougar – Gaptooth Ridge
  • Midnight Paw Coyote – Strawberry
  • Milk Coyote – Blackwater
  • Mud Runner Buck – Flat Iron Lake
  • Moon Beaver – Kamassa River
  • Moonstone Wolf – Cumberland Forest
  • Night Beaver – Roanoke Ridge
  • Nightwalker Panther – Bolger Glade
  • Ozula Elk – Cholla Springs
  • Ota Fox – Scarlett Meadows
  • Onyx Wolf – Ambarino
  • Payta Bison – Little Creek River
  • Red Streak Coyote – Pike’s Basin
  • Rutile Horn Ram – Rio Bravo
  • Sapa Cougar – New Austin
  • Shadow Buck – Annesburg
  • Sun Gator – Lakay
  • Snow Buck – Aurora Basin
  • Tatanka Bison – Heartland Overflow
  • Teca Gator – Lannahechee River
  • Wakpa Boar – Stillwater Creek
  • Winyan Bison – Lake Isabella
  • Zizi Beaver – Owanjila

Now you should be ready to search out these rare beasts. For more Red Dead Online advice, why not check out our beginner’s tips article, or our guide to making money in the wild west.

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