Polish your pitch in Jason Della Rocca†™s GDC Masterclass

Pitching your game is a affair that is nerve-wracking. How do you tweak your pitch for every publisher you meet? How do you make sure your best features come forward in the way that is best? Jason Della Rocca is game that is helping pitch their games to publishers and investors for years, and in his GDC Masterclass, he wants to help you do the same.

In Della Rocca’s course that is 2-day running from 8AM to 12PM PT on March 4th and 5th, attendees can get to polish their pitch decks to an excellent shine, and also by the finish should be able to:

  • Learn general deal-making strategy and mind-set.
  • Learn How to track and research publishing targets.
  • Develop skills in pitch deck construction and fine-tuning, including analysis that is competitive
  • Discover publisher introduction processes and conference strategies.
  • Walk away willing to pitch your game to premium publishers.

Seats are restricted. Allow Della Rocca assists punch your pitch up, and sign up for their program today before it is too late!

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