Pigeon Simulator

HakJak Studios is producing an reboot that is official of’s original prototype from 2019–bigger, better, and more pigeon pooping madness than ever before!

Our goal: create something that’s kinda like GTA meets Goat Simulator–but with pigeons!

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Poop on everyone. Destroy Everything. Join the Pigeon Revolution!

More than ‘just a Goat Sim 2.0’, Pigeon Simulator is a ‘physics sandbox roguelite.’ It features comedy physics gameplay mixed with action RPG roguelike mechanics and story content to deliver a gameplay that is unique.

Do what you would like, when you wish, and revel in the FREEDOM to be a pigeon.

Hot dog cart explosion   Pigeon

Pigeons are created with one function in life that outweighs all others…
For hundreds of years, pigeons have actually looked for to end the oppressions of mankind by gaining impact over them. A pigeon is born with extraordinary capabilities–a hero in the flock.

Fast food feast   Pigeon Sim lo

You for centuries, they have lost this battle…

…until now?
Every few generations are this Blessed Bird. You are The Chosen One.
But with great power, comes responsibility that is great. Exactly how do you want to create your Pigeon Paradise?
– Will all humanity is destroyed by you has built and return the land to Mother Nature?
– Will you strive to create a utopia where birds and mankind can live together in harmony and peace?

– Are you going to embrace the various tools of civilization and leverage them to achieve control of the people?

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– Are you going to migrate your flock far, a long way away to begin with life anew?– Or even you will simply turn every person into meaningless, half-bird zombies and live like a tyrant master.The option is yours in this ‘physics sandbox roguelite’, featuring a rich mixture of hand-crafted content and procedurally generated elements to produce a experience that is unique time you play.

Pigeon Simulator is an
open development project.
This means we’re going beyond typical ‘early access’ to give you deeper insight into the development process and shape the direction truly for the game from because in early stages as we are able to easily do. This is a tremendously transparent–maybe a chaotic–fun that is little and we invite you to join us!
We’re currently building out a very flexible set of core systems for Pigeon Simulator. Things like:
– a city that is procedural, including interiors and ‘dungeons.’
– An ambitious, physics-based destruction engine with the capacity of major physics chaos.
– An original and skill that is flexible and ability structure we call ‘the DNA system’ and ‘Stomach Alchemy’.

– An advanced ‘AI Storyteller’, NPC relationship simulator, and Story Module system.– A content that is unique pipeline to aid us bring crazy tips to life as quickly as we are able to as a 5 guy group.

– And a lot of physics-based, pigeon pooping mayhem!

In the coming months, we are going to be working straight with fans as if you

A Gentlemen   Pigeon Sim low re

on different options that come with the overall game from concept, to rough prototyping, to polish that is sweet. Our goal is to set things up in a way as we go.

For the most frequent updates, follow our new Twitter account @ThePigeonSim(*)Wishlist and Follow here for a chance to be included in our early alpha tests!(*)Hit that Follow Button Baby!(*)ALSO be sure to click the Follow Button here on IndieDB.com! (*) We may offer exclusive opportunities to the IndieDB community later this year for things like test groups, feature votes, and more that we can have an extensive amount of community involvement and implement tons of your ideas. Do not pass up!(*)Thanks for visiting! Help us distribute your message concerning this game as big and crazy as possible so we can make it! (*)XOXOXO(*)- HakJak(*)

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