Overcome the center many years with historic war game Field of Glory 2: Medieval

Slitherine has released a brand new war that is tactical in its Field of Glory line, covering medieval warfare during the middle ages. Field of Glory II: Medieval is a hard-as-nails turn-based strategy game that lets you command a diverse range of armies, dating from 1040 all the way through to 1270 AD.

This is the sequel that is stand-alone Field of Glory II, that was released in 2017. Both are basically electronic adaptations associated with classic Field of Glory tabletop game, developed by renewed designer Richard Bodley-Scott whom leads the growth group taking care of the electronic successors.

Field of Glory II: Medieval is about the main points, featuring over 100 completely animated, historically authentic device models, that can be noticed in over 50 military listings drawn from 29 countries that have been active during this period duration. It features ‘campaigns’, which is a string of tactical battles woven along with a core narrative, and also other modes such as for example fast battle, custom battles, and specific scenarios that are historical. Everything is available to play solo – versus a no-nonsense– that is AI online multiplayer.

If you wish to get a more succinct summary, check always the launch video out:

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There are also many technical improvements to FOG2 Medieval versus its predecessor, but it might be better to let someone with a little more expertise tell you about that. Our newly relaunched sister website – The Wargamer – already has a full Field of Glory II: Medieval review ready and waiting to answer any questions you might have, we highly recommend you give it a read.

To Summarise Bill’s thoughts from his review:

“Perhaps the recommendation that is biggest is this: my very first love is miniatures, but at this time we have actually at the very least half dozen armies in the rack, nevertheless within the synthetic bags they filled in the time i purchased them. Due to this game and manufacturer product line, not merely one of those will ever see a paintbrush.”

Field of Glory II: Medieval is going for Computer via Steam therefore the store that is slitherine(*)

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