Nintendo Won’t Be Announcing A New Switch Model Anytime Soon

For a while now, we have been hearing rumors that Nintendo is apparently working on a new Switch model. This is said to be the “Pro” model that will offer up better performance compared to the current model, could use a mini LED display, and so on. However, if you were hoping to hear about it soon, don’t hold your breath.


This is according to a report from Bloomberg who recently covered Nintendo’s quarterly earnings meeting. According to what took place during the meeting and when asked whether or not a new Switch model would be released soon, Nintendo replied by saying “not anytime soon”.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard rumors that Nintendo could have a new Switch model in the works, only to have the company then come outright and deny it. That being said, we suppose we shouldn’t be too surprised. It was recently reported that the Nintendo Switch has finally managed to outsell the 3DS console, and it is pretty close to catching up with the Wii, the company’s second-best selling console to date.

This means that Nintendo is probably not in any particular rush to release a new model when the current one seems to be doing well. The company has released new models previously, namely a new Switch model with a new battery, and also the Switch Lite which is the portable-only version of the console.

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