News: Resident Evil Village’s art director reveals Lady Dimitrescu’s height in message to fans

In what’s probably one of the year’s more unusual news stories, Resident Evil Village‘s art director Tomonori Takano has taken to the game’s Twitter account to give an official ruling on character Lady Dimitrescu’s height following her breakout appearance in the game’s most recent trailer and Maiden demo.

The message from Takano reads: “I wanted to use this opportunity to publicly reflect on the outpouring of positivity we’ve recieved from the fans on our latest announcement. As a representative of the development team, thank you to all the fans who continue to follow us.”

Takano acknowledged the… let’s say enthusiastic fan support of the character and her daughters, saying it was “far more than we anticipated”. They’re taking it in their stride however, saying the attention has “Made all of us in the development team extremely happy” and closed by letting fans know her exact height is “2.9m (approximately 9 foot and 6 inches) tall” including her hat and high heels.

Glad that’s cleared up then. We’ll be seeing a lot more of Lady Dimitrescu and her daughters when Resident Evil Village releases on May 7 on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and PC. In the meantime check out our Josh’s thoughts on his time with Lady Dimitrescu and her lovely daughters in the recently-released PlayStation 5 exclusive Maiden demo right over here.

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