News: Happy Game is a psychedelic horror game from the creators of Machinarium

Developer Amanita Design has unveiled its next project, a psychedelic horror adventure known, perhaps somewhat ironically, as Happy Game.

Playing as an as-yet-unnamed little boy who falls asleep only to have a terrible nightmare, the debut trailer was revealed during last night’s Nintendo Indie World event. Featuring plenty of unsettling visuals, the video shows off some of the promised “deeply disturbing” puzzles that you’ll be attempting to solve across three unique worlds.

The distinctive style is partially thanks to Czech artist and animator Jaromir Plachy, who worked on another of the studio’s previous titles; Botanicula as well as their most famous title, 2009’s point-and-click adventure Machinarium. The game will also feature “creepy songs and screeches” from Czech ‘freak-folk’ band DVA just to really cement you in its unsettling world.

Check out the very creepy trailer for yourself below. Happy Game is set to launch on PC and Nintendo Switch “next Spring.”

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