News: Halo Infinite reveals more details in new developer Q&A video

Halo Infinite developer 343 Industries has offered up some new tidbits of information on Master Chief’s next adventure via a developer Q&A video published last night.

The 45 minute ‘Ask 343’ video saw four members of the development team—Lead Sandbox Designer Quinn Delhoyo, Lead World Designer John Mulkey, Gameplay Director Troy Mashburn and Campaign Art Lead Justin Dinges—talk about the game’s latest updates and also fielded several questions from fans via social media.

Some of the things we learned a little more on included the game’s dynamic day and night systems which will include dynamic weather, with the team mentioning how the team has added wind and fog systems. In addition, the time of day will change what sort of enemies and types of enemies you’ll encounter in the world.

The team also talked bringing more life into the world with wildlife, and how the game’s world was inspired by the famous Silent Cartographer mission from the original Halo. New biomes in the world will include higher altitudes all the way down to swampy marshlands, a war-torn area known as the Deadlands and more.

There’s plenty more to dive into in the 45 minute chat, so we’ll leave the rest for you to discover below. Halo Infinite is currently scheduled for launch on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC in Fall 2021, and there’s also a Halo TV series coming to Paramount Plus in 2022.

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