News: Doom Zero released as an official Add-on for Doom and Doom II

Bethesda has announced that 32-level pack Doom Zero has been released as an official add-on pack for the most recent re-releases of classic FPS offerings Doom and Doom II.

The Doom Zero pack was originally made in celebration of Doom II’s 25th anniversary last year, and the pack contains new enemies, new bosses, new sounds, new music and new sprites. The mod also promises branching paths and challenges that promise to get you to use your brains as well as your guns.

You can get the Doom Zero pack for free via the add-ons menu in Doom and Doom II on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC and you can read Josh’s thoughts on another classic Doom game—Doom 64—and the joys of isolation right over here.

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