LOTRO patches further adjustments to troubled legendary item grind

LOTRO patches further adjustments to troubled legendary item grind

With the third round of changes regarding legendary items in Lord of the Rings Online arrives, the community still isn’t having it with SSG’s infuriating restrictions to gaining the items that they need for this system. Patch 28.3.1 arrives today with adjustments to the max levels of certain scrolls of empowerment, increasing the level range that players can use them.

The studio’s reasoning as to why it started to restrict and monkey around with the empowerment scrolls is reportedly due to an “exploit” that it discovered with the system along with overarching system changes that the development team has planned for legendary items.

The players aren’t really cheered by this new round of changes. As one player put it, “Not only does this new system make the LI grind longer and more convoluted, it also adds an additional layer of bloat to inventory/vault space.”

In the latest studio video, community manager Jerry Snook said that the team is “aware” of the community feedback on this issue and reiterated that the studio does want to get that legendary item overhaul done… at some point. “That is still something we absolutely want to do,” he said.

Snook also addressed that exciting slide from the EG7 investor’s report that indicated that there would be some sort of graphical update or console edition of LOTRO in 2022. He said that the studio can’t comment on it other than to say that this was an investor presentation that gave a look at many possibilities for the game’s future.

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