Listen to Lego’s White Noise Playlist to Soothe Your Soul After Stepping on a Plastic Brick

To some, the sound of plastic Lego bricks rustling as someone combs through a bin in search of the piece they need is like nails on a chalkboard. To others, it’s as satisfying as a Mozart symphony. If you’re in that latter group, Lego has created a playlist of white noise made from plastic bricks you can play in the background when you’re too busy to build.

The brick sounds don’t accompany an orchestra or any instrumentation whatsoever. All seven tracks—each 30 minutes long—feature Lego being used and played with in different ways. For example, the track ‘It All Clicks’ features Lego elements being connected together, while ‘The Waterfall’ features thousands of bricks simply being poured onto thousands of more bricks. Lego promises the playlist will be available for free on 15 different streaming platforms including Apple Music (although we’re having a hard time finding it there at the moment), Google Music, and Spotify, which you can access below, or stream directly through your browser.


The album is part of a recent push by Lego to encourage AFOLS (Adult Fans of Lego) to embrace their passion for a building toy that’s traditionally seen as something for children. In addition to new lines that focus on architecture, model-making, and even new sets that let you build flowers from plastic bricks, the toymaker has also redesigned some examples of its packaging to appear more grown-up with minimal graphics and subdued color themes. And let’s not pretend that anyone is buying their five-year-old an $800 Millennium Falcon and expecting them to patiently assemble all 7,541 pieces.

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