Join me personally in being excited for Kaiju Wars because of the Steam web page now up

Did you enjoy Into the Breach from Subset Games just as much as me personally? Kaiju Wars seems like it’s going to be notably comparable as another strategy that is fantastic with small contained levels.

Mentioned previously in this article back in early January, Kaiju Wars actually now has a Steam page up to follow it on and there’s a lot that is whole information on which you will end up doing within the game. The concept is the fact that you are playing the armed forces inspured by some retro Kaiju films while you’re hopelessly outclassed. Slow the Kaiju down with tanks, construct structures to distract them and deploy weapons that are experimental buy some more time.

Unlike the gameplay in Into the Breach, you can’t kill them. They are pretty much indestructible and your job is just to slow them down and maybe get them to go away for a while. There’s five of these monsters and they can mutate to grow stronger but they do become predictable.

What else to expect from it:

Campaign Mode!

  • Embark on a Campaign! – Play missions from all over the world as you progress through the campaign that is varied. Test thoroughly your wits in tactical puzzles, demand dozens of devices in large-scale situations, and fend down attacks that are repeated developing your city economically in city defense missions.
  • Defend Famous Cities – Floatio, Istanboom, Uberlin, New Shark City and Bomb Bay are all under attack! Each city has unique weapons that are experimental designs, and financial tasks.
  • Thwart the Invader – an invader that is alienof course there’s an alien invader!) is commanding the Kaiju! Be ready for anything – alien black-ops teams are trying to locate our scientists. Natural disasters such as volcanic eruptions, tsunamis and earthquakes may not be so natural.

Create your own battles!

  • Create your city that is own or – quick and easy to utilize, situations is crafted in mins utilising the drag and fall map editor
  • Share your creations online – Share your Cities or Maps on line utilizing Steam Workshop integration
  • Compete along with other players! – Gain the spot that is top the Weekly Challenge leaderboards

I feel like i would like this. Seems awesome.

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