Huge update for Session overhauls physics and more

For skateboarding fans out there, video game options definitely improved in 2020 with the release of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2. However, before that classic of a series made its comeback, we also had the pleasure of enjoying the sport in Session. The game launched in Early Access back in September 2019, and has since added several updates. More recently, it even landed a deal with publisher Nacon, which indicates a big commitment to further development. With the latest update for Session, there is plenty of joy to be had.

Skipping over the highly anticipated update, the latest big content drop for the skating sim is not kidding around. The update for Session brings about a complete physics overhaul. Basically, everything involving your board comes into play. The components, the size of the wheels, and even how tight you ride your trucks can affect your performance.

Players will now also have the options to utilize shuv-its without popping up. A manual rotation option for those not fond of winding up has also been added. Perhaps most importantly is the implementation of flatland and partial-flip variations into the game. Caspers, Darkslides, and Primos are now made possible with the new physics system in place. Players now have the freedom to use these tricks whenever the openings present themselves.

Huge Update For Session Keeps Skateboarding Sim At The Top (1)

Huge Update For Session Keeps Skateboarding Sim At The Top (1)

All-star road

For anyone who grew up playing the original Tony Hawk Pro Skater, or even rode skateboards in real life, these new tricks will be familiar. All in all, it is turning Session into a bonafide contender for one of the best video game skateboarding experiences.

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Session will also have new NPCs that issue optional challenges to players. Grinding, bails, slams, and even the camera feature some tweaks as well. All of these changes and more can be studied in detail via the patch notes.

In other skating news, EA recently put together a new studio for Skate 4, but a release is still ages away.

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