How to turn Off notification sounds while playing games [Windows 10]

Ever happened to you that you are playing games on your Windows PC and the notification pops up with the sound bugging you? If you are annoyed by the notification sounds, you can disable it right away from the built-in feature Xbox Game Bar. Here’s how to do it.


How to turn Off notification sounds while playing games using the Xbox Game Bar in Windows 10

The Xbox Game Bar lets you capture screenshots, record videos while playing PC games, control music, receive game invites, find new teammates with LFG, lets you keep in touch with your Xbox friends, and more. This can help you disable the sounds, all it needs is a quick setting to be changed.

  • Access the Xbox Game Bar by pressing the keyboard shortcut Windows logo key + G while the game is running, or simply press the Xbox button using your Xbox controller. This should open the Xbox Game Bar the moment you press the shortcut.

If you have turned the Xbox Game Bar off, nothing will happen, the Xbox Game bar has been disabled. You can enable the Xbox Game Bar back On using this method.

  • Click on the Settings icon on the home bar in the top right.
  • Now click on Notifications on the left side and check the box that says Silence notification sounds under General settings.

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