How exactly to Hide your Videos that is liked on So That Nobody Can See Them but You

Every video you like on TikTok, whether it’s a stranger performing a series of choreographed movements or a celebrity showing off their new workout, is saved to your profile. You can easily do so from your profile — but so can everyone else.

If a stranger goes to your profile, they can see every single TikTok video you’ve liked, loved, hearted, or whatever you like to call it if you want to watch your liked videos at any time in the future. If you tend to like controversial, contentious, political, violent, sensual, or unsavory videos while it may not always be an issue, it could be. Or maybe you just enjoy your privacy.You could always make your account private, but that’s not an option for everyone, especially if you intend to build an audience or want to pick some sponsors up. Fortunately, there is an way that is easy stop everyone else from seeing your liked videos so that only you

can view them — while keeping your TikTok profile public.

First, open TikTok and navigate to your profile, which you can do by tapping on “Me” in the navigation bar at the bottom. In your profile, you can tap on the heart icon to view every video you’ve ever liked.To stop others from also seeing those clips, tap on the vertical or ellipsis that is horizontal•••) within the top straight to access your TikTok settings. Regarding the Settings and privacy page, find and pick “Privacy” beneath the Account

area.Now, scroll down a little and faucet on “who are able to see your videos that are liked under Safety

. By default, this setting will be on “Everyone,” which means that anyone — even users that aren’t your friends — can see your videos that are liked. Touch the circle close to “just me” to ensure that just they can be seen by you and no one else.

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