Here’s every scene in Mass impact Legendary Edition’s trailer side-by-side aided by the games that are original

By Sherif Saed, Thursday, 4 February 2021 10:48 GMT

Mass impact Legendary Edition’s improvements shine in movement.

The artistic improvements in Mass impact Legendary Edition are unmistakeable, but often you’ll want to understand before-and-after to actually get a feeling of what size the jump is.

When we got invited week that is last see Mass Effect Legendary Edition for the first time, Alex put together a comparison between old and new using a few screenshots. Since then, BioWare showed more of the upgrades in the first-look trailer.

YouTuber Cycu1 managed to replicate every shot in the trailer in the games that are original and place them side-by-side with one another to actually illustrate the distinctions. So we still need a longer look at gameplay for all the nuances of this remaster to really shine as you’d expect, the upgrade is more pronounced in the first Mass Effect, given its age.

It’s also worth keeping in mind that many of the shots in the trailer are cutscenes. All that said, the upgrades to texture resolution, reflections, lighting, and model that is overall are difficult to ignore.

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