GTFO adds four new surprise expeditions to its current Rundown

Co-op horror game GTFO just got a surprise update, featuring four more expeditions added to its current rundown. Rundown 004: Contact originally had eight expeditions, which brings the total to 12 as of today.

Developer 10 Chambers says the update is meant to challenge its community more to prepare for the next rundown. “Looking at the statistics of death rates for the last Rundown, Contact, we decided our community of prisoners need to be tested more before they’re ready for the next rundown chapter of GTFO,” says Simon Viklund, 10 Chambers’ narrative director and composer.

The studio has, helpfully, also released more than an hour and a half of its own developers playing the new expeditions on YouTube, which you can watch below. For veteran GTFO players, it’ll give you an idea of what to expect in the new expeditions – but it’s also helpful for newcomers curious about what GTFO is all about. As you’ll see, careful reconnaissance and constant communication are crucial to playing the game at all well. There’s a lot of coordination involved in hitting truly horrible mutants in the head with large hammers whilst skulking around in the dark.

Here’s part one:

YouTube Thumbnail

… and here’s part two:

YouTube Thumbnail

10 Chambers points out that Steam reviews for GTFO have rocketed up to an enviable 96% positive since the release of the last rundown in late October, which added ‘layered difficulty’ system and, at long last, a matchmaking ‘alpha.’

“I think the secret behind our high positive Steam rating is our transparency. We’re very open with what kind of game GTFO is: Very challenging, not for the faint of heart, but also very rewarding when you succeed,” says 10 Chambers creative director and CEO Ulf Andersson. “We even have a warning text on the product page – encouraging people to research before buying.”

Andersson says 10 Chambers will continue updating the matchmaking system for the multiplayer game – but for now, the developers will be taking a much-needed holiday break. Prisoners, however, will have to celebrate in the dark, horror-infested confines of The Complex, however.

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