Great nonogram puzzler Pixross from Kenney is now on Steam and upgraded

After releasing for first Pixross, the nonogram puzzle game from Kenney, has now hopped on over to Steam and it also had a sweet upgrade for both stores.

“Pixross is a picture logic puzzle game featuring 150+ unique puzzles, customization and extra challenges for each puzzle. Unlock new puzzle packs or customization options by completing puzzles!”

If you’ve never played it the mechanic is simple and effective: you count numbers and try to get the correct amount of blocks coloured on each line. Simple logic but it takes time to get through.

This has been, without a doubt, one of the nicest experiences I’ve had with a Nonogram puzzler (some of you probably know it as Picross). I don’t want to rehash the things I said about it before, which you can read about here but it really is quite lovely. A very relaxing atmosphere, with some nice little customization progression to give it a bit of a personal touch as you play through it.

A recent update to the game that arrived just before the Steam release also added new content including:

  • Added 10 new ‘Holidays’ themed puzzles
  • Added 2 new ‘Holidays’ themed backgrounds
  • Added 2 new ‘Holidays’ themed tile styles (snowflake and star)
  • Added option to disable colors during gameplay
  • Added ability to toggle clues by hand (only in non-automated mode)
  • Added Steam achievements
  • Fixed issue related to delayed sound effects
  • Raised price of gashapon machine
  • Improved puzzles: Painting, Tea, Crab and Goldfish

Now you can buy it on Steam in addition to

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