‘Gravity Circuit’ Creates Dizzying Action With Fists & Grapples

Gravity Circuit lets players set up some wild combinations with their punching powers and grappling hook, grabbing and slapping folks around to save the day.

A world of sentient robots are under attack by the Virus Army AGAIN (I guess if you’re a robot programmed to make trouble for everyone, you just keep coming back). Who is the world to turn to in this time of need? Probably someone who did a better job of taking care of things than the hero of the last conflict they had with the Virus Army, if you ask me. But no, that’s the guy they bring in. He can do some neat stuff, but I mean, he didn’t quite finish the job during the last attack. Do you really think he’s the best robot for the job again?

Gravity Circuit

I mean, he SEEMS pretty great. The robot hero, Kai, is pretty acrobatic, flitting about while pummeling machines with their fists. Kai can also use a grappling hook to move even quicker throughout the environments, crossing gaps with ease. That hook can also grab onto traps, too. So, if your enemy thinks throwing stuff at you will help, you can easily snag that trash and toss it back with deadly force. Once you get familiar with the hook and your fists, you’ll be swinging around and laying beatings with finesse, creating some fun attack combinations that look sharp in action.

Gravity Circuit aims to capture the precise, impressive action of some past action games (saving innocent folks you find while exploring and getting stronger from it sounds awfully familiar). Plus, who doesn’t love a robot that punches things until they explode?

Gravity Circuit

Gravity Circuit is currently in development, but in the meantime, you can add it to your Steam Wishlist.

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