Grab a FREE copy of Prison Architect in the GOG Winter Sale

The DRM-free store are now doing their own Winter Sale and for 72 hours you can grab a FREE copy of Prison Architect direct from their store.

Nothing is 100% free though, as clicking the button on the home page to claim it adds you to their newsletter. They’re at least up front about it though on the banner. Free game for discount emails? Sure, I’ll take it.

GOG have also curated a few list bundles of games to help you like the Paradox Interactive Essential Bundle, the Devolver Essential Bundle, Good Old Games and more. Some of the bundles give you a higher discount if you pick up multiple games together so it’s worth shopping around the store a bit.

After some recommendations? Here’s five essential Linux games to try:

See the giveaway and all discounted games over on The Winter Sale runs until 4th January 2021, 2 PM UTC.

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