Govee Flow Pro Wi-Fi TV Light Bars review

REVIEW – as it’s practically impossible to see films in a theater now, I’ve been searching for ways to make my house cinema experience much more exciting. One fix that is easy to add backlighting, also known as bias lighting, to my television. Bias lighting helps increase picture contrast and reduce eye strain by lighting the certain area straight behind your tv. This is accomplished instead inexpensively with the help of inexpensive USB-powered strips that are LED the back of your TV. But, to take bias lighting to the level that is next adaptive bias illumination, calls for much more higher level equipment.

Adaptive bias illumination fits the colors in your display and tasks them on the wall surface in matching areas, producing the impression that the colors are bleeding beyond your framework regarding the tv. There are numerous of methods to repeat this, from home-brewed Raspberry Pi kits to systems that are built-in TV manufacturers. The Govee Flow Pro TV Light Bars fall somewhere in the middle of those choices. At $69.99 the Govee Flow Pro is a deal that is great most of the functionality, choices, and enjoyable it offers. Along with the Govee Residence application, the Flow professional is an addition that is excellent any home cinema or computer setup.

What is it?

The Govee Flow Pro TV Light Bars are a set of LED lights that can match the colors being displayed by your TV screen and project those colors wherever the lights bars are placed. The Flow Pro uses an camera that is included get a handle on product to process the display input and project the corresponding colors. The Flow Pro can also be utilized as backlighting for a computer, synced lighting for music, or just to generate space ambiance.

What’s in the container?

  • Govee Flow Light pubs
  • Govee Control Unit
  • ColorSense camera( mounting that is*)Table
  • Screen Mounting Brackets
  • Camera Calibration Cubes
  • Power Supply
  • User Manual

Hardware specs

  • LED Color Chip: RGBWW (Red Green Blue Warm-White)
  • Integrations: Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant
  • Working Voltage: AC100-240V
  • Input: 12V/2A
  • Lumen: 400lm
  • Dimensions: 10.24 in x 3.31. in x 3.31 in
  • Color Temperature: 220-6500K
  • ColorSense Camera Pixel Resolution: 1080p HD
  • Working Temperature: 14° to 113°F (-10° to 45°C)

Design and features

The heroes of the Govee Flow Pro are the LED Light Bars. These are basically two powerful LED strips that are light in synthetic shells.

The Light Bars have a translucent plastic that is white that provides a great softening effect to the lights.

The back of the Light Bars have notches for mounting them using the screen that is included brackets.

Once the slot in the light is aligned using the bracket, the Light Bar snaps straight into spot.

After getting rid of the backing that is adhesive the Light Bars are ready to be mounted on the back of a television.

Or You can mount them using the table mounting brackets.

Once if you want to stand the Light Bars up on a computer desk installed, the Light Bars connect with the control that is main via a USB-C cord.

The control unit is the brains of the operation. On the front of the control unit, there are three buttons. One button for power, one to adjust the color that is light plus one to both enter music mode and adjust the brightness.

The right part regarding the control product is in which the Light Bars link via USB-C plus the ColorSense Camera links via USB.

The power links towards the slot in the side that is left of control unit. There’s also a microphone that is small this part allowing the Flow Pro to answer noises in music mode.

The best an element of the Flow professional system could be the ColorSense Camera that is the main element towards the bias that is adaptive.

When being used with a television, the ColorSense that is 1080p Camera the control product with a view of every thing showing up in the display. The digital camera and together control unit work to synchronize the color of the lights coming out of the Light Bars.


Setting up the Govee Flow Pro is pretty straightforward. There’s some setup that is physical, place the digital camera and lights in your tv, then some calibration utilizing the Govee Residence application. We made a decision to utilize the Flow professional strictly as television lights, therefore my performance and setup sections focus on that configuration.

The first step was to attach the ColorSense camera to my television. You have the option of mounting the camera on the bottom or top of one’s television. Since there’s no room in the bottom of my television, we made a decision to top mount.

This is where we first found an presssing issue with the Govee Flow Pro. My television has an angled bevel at the top and the camera is designed to sit on a edge that is flat. The backing was removed by me from the adhesive on the camera mount and was able to get it to stick to the bevel, but it’s not as sturdy as I would like. It’s been a weeks that are few and I’ve twice had to readjust the digital camera, and so I may need to figure a much better mounting solution.

After the digital camera is installed, it is time for you place the control product. After getting rid of the backing through the adhesive, i came across a spot that’s easy to get at and attainable regarding the cables through the camera that is mounted

I was also sure to mount the control unit within reach of the light bar wires as well.

For my TV, I decided to use the adhesive light bar mounts instead of the stands since it’s so large. We mounted the light pubs vertically, approximately in the exact middle of my tv to maximise the result regarding the lights. Now it absolutely was time and energy to gather up those camera that is orange cubes.

Like the camera and light bars, the cubes have an adhesive on the back.

I Removed the backing and mounted the cubes on the relative edges and base regarding the tv display. I would have needed to place a cube at the top of the TV during this step.

Once if I had chosen to mount the camera on the bottom of my television the cubes were in place, I synced the Flow Pro via Bluetooth to the Govee Home app and ran the screen calibration. The calibration allows you to adjust the camera points that are focal match the sides of one’s tv display.

By carrying this out, the Govee can properly figure out, in real-time, just what color has been presented in precisely what place in the display. The Govee Control device then informs the light pubs just what color to show where as well as for the length of time. We went the calibration a times that are few just to make sure I was doing it correctly. Luckily, the Govee Home app makes it really easy to calibrate the Flow Pro as many times as you like.

The Govee Home app is available on Google Play and the Apple App Store. Besides calibration, you are allowed by the app to manage most of the functions regarding the Flow Pro Light Bars from your own phone along with linking the Govee to your Amazon Alexa or Bing Residence. There are means options that are too many the app to list here, and I will get into the music and video options in the Performance section, but you can pretty much choose a scene or color for any occasion. You can also access DIY Scenes created by other users to download and try out.


The Flow Pro Lights Bars were a complete lot of enjoyable to try out. I decided to use the Flow Pro on my TV, but I can totally see myself buying a second unit to use on my computer desk.

The like I mentioned before table mounts make it really easy to place the lights wherever I like and between all of the scene and color options as well as the music mode, the Flow Pro really livens up an office.

In the Govee Home app, there are a music that is few to pick from and you will also adjust the sensitiveness regarding the microphone.

As you can observe through the video clip, I’d a time that is great out all of the music modes before moving on to testing the TV configuration.

After Running the video calibration I detailed in the Setup section I chose the Video mode in the true home app.

There are alternatives for films as well as for video gaming. From the things I can inform the game choice has a much quicker rate that is refresh. To test the Flow Pro, I picked a couple of movies and games that I knew had color that is great. The songs Man is certainly one of my movies that are favorite the Flow Pro really added to the viewing experience. From my testing, it seems that the control unit picks the most color that is prominent the display and makes use of that to accentuate the image, as you care able to see through the red presented in this scene.

When A color that is prominentn’t as apparent, the Flow Pro goes with a muted blue which adds contrast to the picture. Although I did find myself distracted sometimes trying to figure the logic out of a number of the color alternatives. Luckily, if this becomes a concern you can alter to film mode which simply shows a color that is static of choosing behind the screen to maintain the increased contrast.

In general, I found that the Flow Pro deferring to the most color that is common the display worked very well.

I additionally tested the Flow professional out by playing Assassin’s Creed Odyssey on my Xbox One. This game occurs in ancient Greece and has now a color palette that is really expansive. For the part that is most, the faster refresh price kept up using the frenetic game play and accentuated the ability.

  • But there have been occasions when the colour alternatives regarding the Flow professional had me personally scraping my mind. This industry of green as an example produced a hue that is purplish the lights. A light that is green’ve been good, however we remembered my several years of colors Theory training which tell me that purple and green are complementary colors and that could optimize comparison. Therefore, i do believe in a complete lot of these situations, that’s what the Govee was going for.
  • Overall, I really enjoy movies that are watching winning contests utilizing the Flow Pro operating. Pixar’s Soul has a palette that is really simple the Flow Pro made that movie a joy to watch. But sometimes, I switch to colors that are static of permitting the Flow professional do its thing. Fortunately, the Govee Residence application makes things that are switching via my phone or through Amazon Alexa pretty easy. And even with the lights mounted on my TV I still have fun using the music mode and the DIY scenes. The options afforded by the Flow Pro are really what makes it worthwhile.
  • What I like

Easy setup

  • Multiple uses
  • App is well designed has integration that is great Amazon Alexa and Bing Home

What needs become enhanced

Color syncing to display image could be inconsistent

Camera accessory may not fit all televisionsFinal thoughts
i truly enjoy obtaining the Govee Flow professional TV Light pubs as an element of my house cinema setup. The lights add a great element to video that is playing, watching movies, and listening to music. I especially like the fact if I ever want to mix things up a bit that I can use the Flow Pro at my computer desk. The colors regarding the lights could be a distracting that is little inconsistent at times, but I can always switch it to static bias lighting when I want. And that’s the main benefit of the Govee Flow Pro, at $69.99 you’re getting a lighting system that is so incredibly versatile, especially when coupled with the excellent Govee Home app.Price
: $69.99Where to* that is buy(: Govee and AmazonSource: The test of the item had been given by Govee.

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