Google engineers leave the ongoing company over controversial exit of top AI ethicist

Google has lost a couple of talents due to the way it treated and the departure of its former top AI ethics researcher, Dr. Timnit Gebru. According to Reuters, engineering director David Baker left the tech giant month that is last 16 years because of the business. In a letter seen by the headlines company, Baker stated Gebru’s exit “extinguished [his] need to carry on as a Googler.” He added: “We cannot say we have confidence in variety, then disregard the absence that is conspicuous of voices from within our walls.”

Software engineer Vinesh Kannan, who built infrastructure and features for organic shopping on the website, has also left the company. Kannan explained in a tweet that he made his decision because “Google’s mistreatment of @timnitGebru and @RealAbril (April Christina Curley) crossed a personal red line.”

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