Genshin effect fans are bummed that Barbara now appears “like a granny at bingo evening”

Game updates change loads of things, however all are documented. Often things slip through the cracks; other times it is one thing therefore small it is perhaps not well worth mentioning. It appears that one character’s voice lines have been toned down, and the community is totally bummed out.Barbara is a energetic songstress that’s typically built up as a healer when it comes to Genshin Impact’s 1.3 update, though. She’s peppy, optimistic, and, well, as anime as can be. You on when you take to battle with your freshly pulled Xiao, she’ll be there, cheering. Or, well, that was

the actual situation. These times she’s a little more energy that is low. “Dear Mihoyo, old Barbara got me hyped up in battle,” one Reddit user writes. Night“New Barbara is like a granny at bingo. Provide me personally right back my pop that is spunky idol.”

It’s A feeling that lots of people in the grouped community share. I’ve come across several Reddit and Twitter articles that query the thing that is same each getting oodles of upvotes. One of the more popular posts compares all of Barbara’s voice that is new to her old people, and, yeah, it is pretty noticeable.

You can check always the clip out below for yourself:

Barbara’s skill voices has been updated from Genshin_Impact

In the meantime, though, if you’re looking for another healer to fill the void, our Genshin Impact tier list has heaps of options for you. If you’d like to try Genshin Impact you can find it right here.(* for yourself,)

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