Fortnite focuses in on boosting playability on lower-powered PCs

Fortnite is widening its reach by making the already-massive battle royale more appealingto players with hardware on the lower end of the spectrum.

Fortnite dev Epic Games launched what it calls Performance Mode today. That includes changes geared at offering a smaller download of Fortnite as well as higher performance for players that might’ve struggled to run it on machines that meet Fortnite‘s minimum specifications.

It’s an opt-in mode that lowers the game’s visual quality in order to use less memory, lighten the load on a computer’s CPU & GPU, and overall maintain a smoother framerate throughout gameplay.

In addition to the changes targeted at lower-end hardware, Epic Games has also rolled out an update that targets the higher-end console crowd.

That side of the launch includes a 120FPS mode that, as suggested by its name, bumps Fortnite up to 120FPS on the Xbox Series X and Series S by capping resolution (1440p on Series X, 1080p on Series S) and, on the Series S, reducing some graphics settings.

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