First-person hack and slash Lichenvale has an Alpha Demo available

Enjoy classic hack and slashers? Lichenvale looks like it could be promising and you can try out an early build now.

“Inspired by 90’s hits like Hexen and Quake, Lichenvale is a first person hack and slash offering: fast-paced melee action mixed with the tactical use of spells and dashing around your enemies. This singleplayer title will feature a story mod with up to 10 maps full of various progressively difficult mobs, regional and main bosses, as well as some light puzzling. Those seeking an adventure are awaited in the New Game+ mode.”

The developer gives an overview of what to expect in the below video:

Keep in mind this is clearly in development, and the demo is an “Alpha” level quality. The Alpha demo will be up and downloadable until February 15 and they want feedback on how it all feels which you can post about in their Steam forum.

The demo runs quite well overall and it seems somewhat promising, give it a go.

Find it on Steam and try the demo that’s live until Jan 19.

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