Evo is amongst the compact that is most CNC Milling Machines We’ve Seen To Date

When you think of CNC milling machines, you might think of those massive devices that probably takes like 10 people to try and move and setup. However, then Evo is a Kickstarter project worth checking out.


Evo is a CNC milling machine that is small and compact enough where it can just sit on top of your desk if you don’t have the space for such a machine or don’t really have the need or the capital for a more traditional CNC milling machine. It has additionally been built to be beginner-friendly where it shall come with touch screen controls that have been designed to be simple and intuitive to use. It will also be compatible with CAM software such as Fusion360 and Vectric, where users can import 3D models created using those software into the system.

According to its creators, the Evo has also been designed to be an machine that is ever-evolving. For instance, novices who don’t need much from really their machines might choose the Evo-S model. However, later on when they discover that the machine isn’t able to keep up with their needs, instead of simply buying a new machine, they can choose an upgrade kit where they’ll be sent the necessary parts that can transform the Evo-S into the Pro-S model.It’s a pretty cool idea and then maybe the Evo CNC milling machine could be a good place to start if you’re looking to expand your hobby and turn it into something you can actually sell. Additional information can be obtained on its Kicktstarter web page.Filed in

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