Don’t Starve Together adds a whole new farming and crop system

Don’t Starve Together from Klei Entertainment has a huge new update out now, completely overhauling the way survivors deal with farming and crops.

Continuing to be one of the best and most unique survival games around, Don’t Starve Together can be a huge amount of fun played with friends. It’s as beautiful with the almost Tim Burton like gothic style as it is brutal to play through but now at least you might not actually starve with a new crop system.

They also added a slick new trailer with an animated short:

Like a lot of new features that come to DST, it has its own little progression path you need to go through. First you need to have Farm Soil ready to till but to get that you need a Garden Rigamajig built from the science machine, and after that it all needs plenty of care and attention. A really sweet addition to a great game.

Here’s the key points of what’s changed:

  • Survivors can now plow fields and sow seeds to grow the crops of their dreams
  • Each vegetable has their own unique plant with preferred growing seasons and type of nutrients
  • Stay close and tend to your crops and you will be rewarded.
  • Neglecting crops won’t be the death of them, but you might regret it.
  • Be sure to cull weeds before they become a problem
  • Use the Gardeneer Hat to research plants and track your progress via the Plant Registry
  • Farm like the Ancients with the Premier Gardeneer Hat and learn your plants’ every desire
  • Added the Seed Pack-It to help organize all your seeds.

Klei Ent also confirmed another big update is due to arrive with the Year of the Beefalo update, which will go live after they have a holiday break so there’s no set date on it.

Need some extra spool, the in-game currency to unlock some other cool stuff? Right now Klei is giving away 900 if you follow this link and login. It’s valid until around January 15, 2021. With the Winter’s Feast event going right now too, if you open up the game you will get a few extra items as presents too.

You can buy Don’t Starve Together on Steam.

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