Complimentary and source that is open sim Pioneer updated with new UI and better combat

Pioneer is another classic example of a long-running free and open source game doing well, with a brand new release up that overhauls plenty of important parts.

The Pioneer 2021-02-03 release has been a year in the making and implements their new system that is UI together with the effective and available supply ImGui. In addition they talked about vastly enhanced combat with a few aim help, better trading, it’s simple to really turn the camera utilizing the mouse that is middle for better camera control and plenty more.

Here’s what else is new and you can see just how much went into it ship that is:

  • New Skipjack Courier from OKB Kaluri (#4871)
  • New model: Escape pods (initially and then be scooped up, not purchasable) (#4877)
  • Improve combat targeting by the addition of aim help for player weapons (#5037)
  • Complete overhaul of commodity costs, become just like Frontier (#4831)
  • Redesign System and Sector Map View layouts (#4852)
  • NewUI is dead, long real time PiGui! (#5032)
  • More lively station traffic control communications (#4987)
  • Ship-specific atmospheric force restrictions (#4958)
  • Add area effect alerts #4891
  • Captains log added (#4795)
  • Show back ground stars in system view (#5068)
  • Show area starports in system view (#5060)
  • Significantly reduce savefile sizes (#5075)
  • New BBS advert for soldout commodity (#5059)

    That’s just just what they think about become major, there is plenty of smaller repairs and improvements throughout the entire game including a fresh unified color theme and brand new icons, movie stars in the map arriving as larger and brighter based on their real size in area, interpretation improvements and so forth.

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