Check out the free wonderful point and click mystery-comedy Loco Motive

Love a good murder mystery? Check out the absolutely charming Loco Motive which was made for the AdvXJam 2020 Game Jam. Impressive with the amount of effort and quality that went into this one, from Robust Games which is made of of developers from the likes of Chucklefish along with Paul Zimmermann for the audio.

“Loco Motive is a murder mystery-comedy, full of deadly surprises, larger than life characters and yes, the occasional blood fountain! Mr. Arthur Ackerman finds himself in the personal employ of Lady Unterwald, an eccentric heiress of the Wald-Bahn rail company.

On the verge of a landmark speech, you’ve been summoned to make a last minute amendment to her Will – aboard her flagship luxury train, The Reuss Express. Little does Arthur know, he’s about to become embroiled in a murder, a mystery and worst of all… an adventure!”

It’s so good, it should be a proper commercial release. The developer gained some good feedback from it too, with others thinking the same. So, they’re actually having a go of it. They’ve announced work on a bigger paid version now too which will have upgraded visuals throughout the whole game, more characters and full voice acting, more puzzles and places to explore. There’s even going to be some localization to other languages if they can afford to do so.

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