Bugatti Royale Speakers Debuts


Bugatti Royale Speakers

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Bugatti has Debuted a Line of Speakers that are Just as Premium as their Supercars!

Bugatti is known for building high-end Supercars, but the company is now venturing into creating premium products such as the Bugatti Royale Speakers. In collaboration with German audio brand Tidal, Bugatti has launched a new range of floor-standing loudspeakers affectionately named “Royale”. Like its premium line of high-end supercars, the Royale speakers is an incredible display of wealth that has been crafted to perfection. At 56.6 inches in height, the speakers are enormous, and weighs 352 pounds. The ergonomic design is made using high-end materials not seen in conventional speakers. Each individual speaker comes with four long-throw subwoofers and two front woofers with aluminum diaphragms. The company claims the speaker has its own built-in amplification and does not need to be driven by a separate amplifier and preamp. In addition, a Bugatti branded controller will allow you to connect the speaker to various audio sources. The speakers will be available in two limited-editions versions – Edition Blanc and Edition Noire with a price tag that has yet to be disclosed.
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