Best Affordable Live Streaming Equipment

News flash: you don’t need fancy, expensive equipment to start live streaming. In fact, you can get pretty far ahead by just using your smartphone.

But after a certain point, you might want to start upgrading your setup for a more professional look.

So, how do you do that?

Well, a lot of it is dependent on experience and practice. But if we’re being honest, having the right equipment does help out a lot.

That’s why you should try not to go overkill with fancy equipment and only invest in gear that suits your needs.

So, let us walk you through some of the essential live streaming equipment you can get without emptying out your bank account.

From video and audio sources to smart projectors and background lights, we’ve covered it all!

Live Streaming Essentials- Everything You Need to Get Started

With so much state-of-the-art live streaming equipment to choose from, it can help to break down the gear into five essential categories:

  • Video source. This includes an optical instrument such as smartphone cameras, computer cameras, or professional cameras. In this article, we will mostly focus on affordable professional cameras.
  • Audio source. This refers to things like microphones, mixers, and any other equipment you need to capture various sounds for your stream. Additionally, many streamers also require headphones, headsets, or even external speakers, depending on their streaming content.
  • Destination/ platform. Content creators and podcasters usually have a dedicated platform such as Twitch or YouTube. Live stream designation could look a lot different for business conferences, seminars, and other events.
  • Set background. The background is a key element that will instantly enhance your stream quality. This includes your backdrop, ambient lighting, and decor.

Of course, there are many other things that go into executing the perfect live stream. Things like a stable internet connection, streaming software, video encoders, etc., are all vital. However, we’ll stick with the hardware for now.

At this point, you should have a rudimentary understanding of everything you might need for a more refined setup. Now, let’s go into a little more detail.

Best Video Source Equipment

As we said, you can easily use your smartphone or other built-in cameras to record yourself. However, switching to professional cameras will drastically improve your stream quality.

There are multiple reasons why you should invest in a high-quality, professional camera for live streaming:

  • They provide sharp and detailed image quality thanks to high-resolution sensors.
  • With professional cameras, you have more control over settings such as lighting. You can even use interchangeable lenses to change your field of view.
  • Professional cameras have more connection options, such as XLR and SDI.
  • With features like autofocus and auto-exposure correction, professional cameras will give you more confidence during your live stream.

Another thing to consider is that there is more than one type of camera you can use. To reiterate, the kind of camera you choose depends on your content.

  • DSLRs. DSLRs provide excellent video quality and are perfect for streamers that don’t need a lot of mobility. Usually, gamers and musicians benefit the most from DSLRs.
  • Webcams. Compared to the pixelated, low-resolution video quality of your laptop’s webcam, an external webcam has super high performance. Webcams are easy to set up and less costly than DSLRs.
  • Action Cameras. If your content focuses more on sports and outdoor activities, then you should take the action camera route. They’re super lightweight, portable, and compact.
  • Camcorders. Camcorders are ideal for handheld streaming, such as live vlogs.

You’ll notice that veteran streamers often use multiple cameras positioned at different angles.

But don’t worry. All you need is one good camera to get you started.

Canon EOS 80D

If you want to take the DSLR route, take a gander at the cult-favorite EOS 80D by Canon.

One of the biggest predicaments of live streaming is staying in focus. Canon’s EOS series is focused on their innovative and advanced 45-point, all cross-type AF system. With a powerful dual pixel CMOS AF and intelligent viewfinder, you can express yourself in full detail.

If you’re not too confident about your lighting setup, rest assured that the EOS 80D will more than compensate for it.

Additionally, the image quality is spectacular, especially for this price range. Thanks to its high resolution and high sensitivity, it can capture both HD 60 fps movies as well as HDR movies.

GoPro Hero7

For the adventure-loving streamers out there, the Hero7 by GoPro is the ultimate action camera. It offers an outstanding 720p live stream resolution so that your viewers don’t miss out on the action.

Come rain or shine; the Hero7 remains strong against the elements. With an impressive waterproof rating, you can take your viewers on a deep dive down to 33ft underwater.

Additionally, Hero7’s gimbal-like stabilization will keep both your videos and your confidence steady. And the real kicker? You don’t actually have to fumble around with a gimbal since the Hero7 has one of the best in-camera stabilizations you’ll ever find.

In the interest of keeping things hands-free, GoPro’s Hero 7 has 16 voice commands. You can practically do your whole live stream without ever even having to use your hands.

As you start to move up the ladder, you can invest in other video equipment as well. But for now, you should be good with these two options.

Best Audio Equipment

According to a study, viewers maintain that a high-quality video is nothing without equally good audio.

When we say audio, we mean everything from your own voice to any other audio, songs, or sounds you might want to include in your stream.

The thing is, onboard microphones in your laptop, phone, standard headphones, and even professional cameras just don’t cut it. Thankfully, good external microphones, speakers, and headphones can guarantee the following:

  • High-quality voice recording for clear and crisp audio
  • The freedom of movement to position your microphone in the optimal position.
  • More control over your video frame as you can be as close or far away from your camera as you want
  • Filtering out any ambient sound, background noise, or wind noise that might be too distracting
  • Better control over gain
  • The ability to monitor your stream audio through your headphones

As you can see, it’s best not to compromise on audio quality.

With that said, let’s take a look at our top picks for the best audio equipment to fine-tune your next live stream.

Shure SM7B

When it comes to reliable external microphones for live streaming, Shure reminds us all why it’s the leading audio company.

The thing is, it’s usually very difficult to find an all-in-one microphone to cater to diverse content. Luckily, the SM7B is an exception. Whether it’s a broadcast, podcast, live stream, or recording, the SM7B handles your voice with care.

If you’ve ever heard your own voice on a recording and instantly cringed, you’re not alone. Most microphones do tend to make slight alterations to your voice, especially if it’s higher or lower-pitched than usual.

One of the best things about this microphone is its wide-range frequency response. This way, your vocal timbre is preserved, allowing your personality to shine through.

With so much streaming equipment humming and whirring in the background, you risk a lot of distracting noise sneaking into your stream. However, the SM7B’s advanced electromagnetic shielding filters out that persistent hum from your computers and other studio equipment.

So far, so good, right? But what if your streaming content focuses on musical performances?

Fret not, because SM7B’s uniform capture capabilities are perfect for singing. The classic cardioid pattern rejects off-axis audio. This means that you can be as animated as you want or position yourself however you feel comfortable; the mic will still pick up your sound evenly.

Additionally, the air suspension shock isolation and pop filter cancel out any breathiness in your voice. Even when you’re live streaming, your voice will sound studio-refined.

xFyro- Best Live Streaming Earbuds

Monitoring your own audio as you’re live streaming can be a huge game-changer. That’s why having some sort of headphones or earphones is highly recommended.

Usually, you’ll see streamers, especially gamers, donning a stylish headset. However, headsets can be problematic for a number of reasons:

  • Most headsets can be overkill for non-gamers.
  • Headphones are uncomfortable to wear for longer periods of time, especially in the summers.
  • Wired headsets and headphones tend to get in the way and usually look unappealing.

Because of the sheer impracticality of headphones and headsets, true wireless earbuds are a much better option to optimize your live streams.

The xFyro true wireless earbuds are the first of their kind. Their innovative AI-powered noise-canceling capabilities will let you monitor your audio effortlessly.

Moreover, you can get away with doubling the xFyro earbuds as an audio source as well. With dual beamforming mics, these earbuds will give professional external microphones a run for their money.

For longer streams, the battery life on the xFyro earbuds is perfect. You can easily stream for up to 10 hours without the battery failing on you and your viewers.

Nebula-Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers

Many streamers shy away from using external speakers to stream live events. We’d like to think it’s because they’re yet to find the best portable Bluetooth speakers.

Luckily, the search is over as Floatley brings one of the most unique products to the streaming community.

Nebula is one of, if not the best portable Bluetooth speaker for live streaming. The superior open surround sound speakers allow you to play audio without disrupting your source microphone.

But we haven’t even touched the surface yet. And neither do the speakers!

That’s right; Nebula’s selling point is the fact that the speakers float in mid-air. That’s right; the speakers utilize modern maglev technology to levitate and spin in mid-air as high-quality audio plays.

Background Equipment For Live Streaming

As you’re transitioning into a more professional streaming setup, you’ll tend to focus more on streaming equipment like cameras and microphones. However, no amount of fancy cameras can make up for an unsightly background.

Things like ambient lighting and little snippets of your favorite decor will truly transform the quality of your live stream.

Smart LED Strip Lights

LED strip lights are extremely popular among streamers, and it’s no secret why.

If you install them correctly, LED strip lights can create a more alluring and aesthetic ambiance to your entire filming studio.

By staying true to our theme of convenience, these smart LED lights offer you easy control over the color and intensity through voice control.

Additionally, the multi-color lights are also compatible with Apple HomeKit/Siri, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and SmartThings.

Fancierstudio Green Screen

If used correctly, green screens can make your live steam look more high budget than it actually is.

Moreover, it also allows you to be more independent of your location. By controlling your backdrop as you stream, you can make your content more engaging.

For businesses, a versatile backdrop is a huge bonus. With a green screen, you can display everything from product images to calls to action.

You might be worried that greenscreens are too expensive, and you’re not wrong.

However, the Fancierstudio green screen falls right in that sweet spot of affordable and high-quality.

Streaming Destination

These days, content creators have easy access to some of the best streaming platforms out there. So, we won’t talk about that for now.

However, not all live stream content is intended for an online audience. Live events, seminars, and business conferences need a way to project their stream for a large audience.

And there is a very simple way to do just that.

All you have to do is set up a projector to receive the live stream.

Prima Smart Projector

This smart projector by Prima is the face of revolutionary modern tech. At first glance, it’s difficult to imagine that such a small projector can pack such a powerful punch.

But don’t be fooled. Prima’s smart projector can take care of all your streaming needs.

The main issue with using projectors for live streaming is that it’s difficult to connect the projector with the stream. But with Prima’s multiple connection options, that will never be a problem again.

Apart from the Two USB Ports Version 2.0, HDMI port, TF card slot, and 3mm audio jack, Prima also offers seamless Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity. Paired with an Android 7.1 OS and multiple native streaming apps, you can connect to your stream from miles away.

As far as image quality is concerned, Prima’s smart projector will do justice to all that expensive video equipment you bought. Prima maintains an impressive 1080p quality with a projection size of up to 200 inches.

Additionally, the 200-lumen brightness ensures that you can set it up wherever you want and still give your viewers a crisp and clear video.


When it comes to live streaming, there’s just too much that could go wrong. Between the video, the audio, your internet connection, and your entire setup, you can’t leave anything to chance.

The thing is, live streaming is very meticulous and diligent work; you need to be in control of as many things as you can so that, should something go wrong, you can set it right immediately.

Fortunately, with the right equipment, you won’t have to break a sweat. Just follow this guide and set yourself up for success.

With everything said and done, don’t forget to have fun!

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