Apple Pulls iCloud 12 Update For Windows

Yesterday, we reported that after a premature announcement, Apple had finally released the latest version of iCloud for Windows. With this update, Apple brought its iCloud Keychain feature to Google Chrome where it could now be used as an extension of the browser to help users fill in passwords for logins that were previously saved in iCloud.


However, it seems that if you haven’t updated to iCloud 12 already, don’t be surprised if you don’t have the update waiting for you. This is because a report from The 8-Bit has revealed that Apple has since pulled the update. The current version available for Windows is version, versus the version 12 that was released yesterday.

This means that those who did not update their iCloud and want to take advantage of the iCloud Passwords extension for Chrome will have to wait. Apple did not mention why they pulled the update, but it seems that the update might have been a bit buggy. There have been multiple user reports where users are claiming that they have encountered issues ever since updating to the latest version.

This included how two-factor authentication wasn’t working properly and how the plugin was also not working at all. Hopefully Apple will have a fix soon, but in the meantime, we have no idea when that will be.

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