Apple macOS Big Sur 11.1/11.2 Has display that is external problems

Since December last year, there have been multiple reports regarding Apple macOS Big Sur connectivity issues. According to the report that is latest, the Apple macOS Big Sur variations 11.1 and 11.2 happens to be experiencing external monitor connection issues. Through the reports thus far, it seems that the nagging problem exists in two formats.

Apple macOS Big Sur

The first problem is that the USB-C port does not recognize the external display, making the external display unusable and unable to connect. This issue affects DisplayPort and HDMI displays connected directly and through hubs and adapters. Some users said they encountered this problem after upgrading from 11.1 to 11.2.

Apple macOS Big Sur

The second problem is the display problem. Some external monitors cannot work at 4K 60Hz but are locked at 30Hz. In some cases, 4K displays are only recognized as 1080p displays. One of the earliest reports of this issue appeared on Apple community on 14th december. But, current reports on Twitter because recently as yesterday reveal that this dilemma nevertheless exists.

Apple macOS Big Sur

According The16-inch MacBook Pro to unofficial statistics, most of the users facing this issue use. However, there

are other Mac users who have the problem that is same. There clearly was presently no dependable, considerable, and tested fix or solution. We are able to just wait for next beta that is open of Big Sur 11.3 to see if the problem can be resolved.

Many users report issues with charging the MacBook Pro

It is very common to have issues with gadgets from time to time. The company will have to access the issue and release a fix in many of these cases. Based on reports, the Apple MacBook professional is dealing with some issues that are charging. As early as New day (2021), there were reports that the MacBook Pro is failing to charge year. During the right time, we considered the reports to be isolated cases.

However, after two weeks, more reports are pouring in. According to reports, when users plug the MacBook Pro, it displays 1% as well as the maintenance prompt. It appears that this presssing issue is more predominant into the 2017 MacBook professional services and products.According to “Consumer Report”, because numerous customers’ computer systems have actually surpassed their guarantee duration, they

can just change new ones to their batteries at their own expense, but the failure reappears after replacing the batteries.

Some Users believe that this nagging issue is brought on by updating towards the 11.1 form of the macOS Big Sur system. But, some users state that their computer is not updated towards the latest macOS Big Sur system variation, and in addition it doesn’t charge.

According to reports that are official Apple customer service, this problem has some links to the system update. The company also said that its engineering department is currently working on a fix. Thus, you may have to wait a while for the fix to arrive if you are having this issue. Regrettably, the organization failed to offer a timeline for the arrival of the fix(:(* that is*)Source/VIA

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