Apple iPhone 13 Mini review

There’s an A15 inside this Mini, which propels it towards the top of the smartphone performance charts, bettered only by Apple’s own Pro models this year, which get an extra GPU core. Unless your needs are very specific, you won’t miss that. Instead, you’ll revel in how a phone this tiny can deal with any app or game you care to throw at it.

Really, this year’s story is more holistic in nature, with chip and battery system alike combining to net you more time between charges. Apple reckons you’ll get up to 13 hours of streaming video. In more general use, we found the Mini bettered last year’s iPhone 12 (not Mini), which we still have around, but you won’t reach 13 hours before charging unless you’re a light iPhone user.

Still, even if ‘all day battery’ remains out of reach if you often dig into cellular, video chat or games, we’ll take ‘acceptable’ over last year’s ‘disappointing’. Consider investing in a portable external battery pack if you’re often out and about, though, so as to not get caught short.

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