Apparently Instagram Wants You To Stop Posting Feeds Onto Stories

One of the features of Instagram’s Stories is the ability to repost Stories belonging to others (assuming they aren’t private accounts), and also posts from your feed. However, it seems that maybe Instagram is thinking that posting from your feed is no longer such a good idea and are now thinking about removing the feature.


This is according to Matt Navarra who discovered a notification that Instagram is showing to some users. In this test that the company is conducting, it appears that those who are selected to take part in the test will not be able to post items from their Instagram feed into their Stories. Instagram claims that this is based on community feedback where apparently a lot of people do not want to see feed posts in their Stories.

On one hand, we get it. Users who are already following another user and might see that post in their feed do not necessarily need to see it again in their Stories. However, at the same time, sharing feeds in Stories is a great form of word of mouth marketing. For example, users could share posts from others in their feed that you might not know about, which could be useful for discovering new profiles to follow.

However, this is only a test so there is a chance that Instagram might not necessarily go through with it in the end, but only time will tell what the company ultimately decides.

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