Android February 2021 Security Update is Now Available for Pixel, Galaxy S20 and Note 20

As February commences, Android is releasing another security update. Recently, Google launched the February 2021 Android Security Bulletin. It also comes with the security Update available for Pixel Phones. As XDA Developers reports, aside from the Pixel phones, Google has also announced that it will be releasing one for the Snapdragon Galaxy S20 as well as the Galaxy Note 20 series devices.

Android February 2021 Security Update is Now Available for Pixel, Galaxy S20 and Note 20

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Google Highlights Vulnerabilities fixed With Latest Update

Google updated its users of multiple vulnerabilities that were addressed in their latest Android Security Bulletin. As Google writes, these flaws have affected Android system, runtime, as well as its media framework. The patch for these have been released with the 2021-02-01 security patch. On the other hand, other vulnerabilities are also addressed in some closed-source vendor components as well as the Linux Kernel. All of these are fixed in the 2021-02-05 security patch. For a few months now, these patches have been developed but are only released now.

Android Updates for Pixel and Snapdragon S20 Devices

Google has made a separate announcement for the Pixel devices. They have published the Pixel Update Bulletin where they explained a moderate to severe flaw that affects some Qualcomm components. Furthermore, Pixel 4A 5G and Pixel 5 has also been improved in terms of touch experience after numerous complaints about touch issues. Sensor detection is aslo addressed with the patch. For Pixel 2 users, it is unlikely that the latest update will affect them since Google has long stopped giving updates for the device. We have enlisted some Pixel devices that will be receiving the February 2021 update below.

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Google also released an update for the Snapdragon S20 devices. According to 9to5Google, last week, Samsung had started rolling out a new update with the February 2021 security fix to Galaxy S20 series gadgets in Europe. That same upgrade is additionally rolling out for Snapdragon S20 devices, but Samsung is additionally pushing the update to the Snapdragon System Note 20 arrangement. Some users have started accepting the February 2021 security upgrade on their US new Galaxy Note 20 Ultra (SM-N986U1). Because Samsung has been releasing upgrades to its lead gadgets in a faster pace, many think it is noteworthy move by Google. This is also the reason why numerous users now consider the company to be one of the most excellent at computer program updates because of its timely release of updates following any vulnerabilities that will be observed by users.

Pixel devices with the build numbers below can receive the update:

  • Global:

    • Pixel 3 (XL): RQ1A.210205.004

    • Pixel 3a (XL): RQ1A.210205.004

    • Pixel 4 (XL): RQ1A.210205.004

    • Pixel 4a: RQ1A.210205.004

    • Pixel 4a (5G): RQ1A.210205.004

    • Pixel 5: RQ1A.210205.004

  • Verizon:

    • Pixel 3 (XL): RQ1D.210205.004

    • Pixel 4a (5G): RQ1D.210205.004

    • Pixel 5: RQ1D.210205.004

  • T-Mobile:

    • Pixel 4a (5G): RQ1C.210205.006

    • Pixel 5: RQ1C.210205.006

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