Albion on the web’s next update that is major a Call to Arms with Faction Warfare 2.0

Albion Online is the sandbox classless MMO that has Linux support and it’s going strong, with another major update announcement that will bring Faction Warfare 2.0.

That’s the big headline feature, bringing on the next stage of City Faction Warfare which will give you the ability to control entire regions and a special front-line battle system to encourage fighting. There will also be a bunch that is big of too, along side effective Faction Mounts to seize. Additionally teased is a faction that is new a unique playstyle aimed at advanced players. More changes that are map assistance with this too such as the Royal Continent to see an expansion.

Hellgates, the unique system where two groups battle through a dungeon participating in both PvE and PvE will even see a expansion that is major. It will have an option for 10v10, better graphics, a bunch of new layouts to prevent it getting stale, a new and better matchmaking system, a new lava that is rising to avoid one team stalling, brand new animals to fight and a separate Hellgate Infamy system for rewards and monitor success. Appears like Hellgates are likely to get awesome.

You can pay attention to a summary from it into the video that is belowWhat else? Apart from the major features there’s also new vegetation graphics coming to bring the world to life a bit more, better tooltips are coming along with a Loadouts feature to quick-equip a selected set of items and loadouts can be shared to other players.

Play Albion Online free on Linux from the site that is official Steam.

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