81% Of iPhones From The Last Four Years Are Running On iOS 14

One of the advantages that iOS has over Android is timely and extended software updates and support. Android devices are typically kept updated for around 2 years, after which users are pretty much on their own. This perk of iOS can clearly be seen in Apple’s latest iOS adoption figures where the company claims that 81% of iPhones from the past four years are now running on iOS 14.


For those unfamiliar, iOS 14 is the latest version of iOS that Apple released a few months ago. It introduced a bunch of changes and improvements to the iOS platform, such as the ability to add widgets to the home screen. For 81% of iPhones from the past four years to be using the latest update is actually pretty impressive, although we’re not sure if the remaining 19% all consists of iPhones that are ineligible for the update or users choosing not to update or a mixture of both.

Overall in terms of adoption, iOS 14 has been adopted by 72% of iPhone users while 18% continue to use iOS 13, and the remaining 10% are using even older versions of iOS. Given that iOS 14 was released not too long ago, these are actually pretty impressive stats, and we have to wonder if maybe the addition of home screen widgets was what helped drive adoption of the latest update.

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